Nasty Woman Marching on Washington

There are moments as I go through the graduate school process that I wonder why I put myself through it all. Choosing a career that requires an MA or PhD, there are few moments when advisors/other faculty members give out positive reinforcement. The choice to continue work in academia means choosing a life that will require hearing criticisms and having everything you do chewed up and spat back out at you with the expectation of you saying “thank you for your feedback”. It isn’t easy, but today I was reminded yet again why I do what I do.

As an anthropologist, I study people. This field of study (in short) aims to look at people in the past and present in order to understand behaviors. This ultimately leads to an understanding of the different ways in which people view the world and a respect for those different world views. Not that everything is condoned or accepted, but it is understood. It is because of the nature of our field that as anthropologists we value the rights of every human no matter their sex, gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity, religion, cultural affiliation, disabilities etc. What is not tolerated are those who aim to justify hatred because they think themselves superior or anyone who doesn’t fit their little box of ideals to be inferior.

It is because of this, I am proud to say that this is the life I’ve chosen. I am surrounded by people who will not tolerate injustice and hatred. With the Women’s March on Washington happening tomorrow, almost the entire Anthropology department, faculty and students, will be attending the local march.  It is not okay to threaten basic human rights. It is not okay to justify hate and promote the idea of white-male superiority then say it isn’t what you said or meant. We see you and we will not just stand by. We will not allow this hate to go unnoticed or become normalized.

Yes, I am a Nasty Woman and I will be marching on Washington tomorrow.


Author: TravelingCollegeNerd

Anthropologist. Archaeologist. Student. Amateur photographer.

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