A New Adventure

DSCF0143For some reason keeping a blog going (or getting it started) has been difficult. There has been many changes in my life since my last post. I had just graduated with my BA in Anthropology and was trying to keep myself busy while I was waiting to hear about my fate as a student. Would I get accepted into graduate school? If so, where would I go? Well, these questions were answered shortly after started this blog.

I heard the news of my acceptance into the University of Arizona’s School of Anthropology while I was on vacation in Mexico. The vacation was fantastic. I had been to these cities in Mexico a few times in my life already (Cabo San Lucas and Puerto Vallarta) but this time was even more amazing than the previous visits. It was meant to be a gift for graduating college, but it turned into a getaway from the stress that was waiting on my graduate school prospects.

As it turns out, a few days into my week long trip I received an email from one of my mentors that I got accepted into the graduate program at the University of Arizona. Of course, this was a pretty big deal. I was ecstatic. Knowing that I’d be continuing my academic life at a school that is known for being a top player in the field is something that I couldn’t even begin to wrap my head around. To be able to pursue my PhD in Anthropology/Archaeology with a professor I respect and admire is something most students only dream of and somehow it happened to me. I don’t doubt it will have its stressful moments and there will be times I question my decisions, but right now this is what I want and I’m excited to get started. Here’s to August and the start of my new adventure!

There will be a blog soon of my vacation to Mexico as well as my recent archaeological fieldwork experience. It has been a fun and educational few months!


Author: TravelingCollegeNerd

Anthropologist. Archaeologist. Student. Amateur photographer.

4 thoughts on “A New Adventure”

  1. Go for it! (If you haven’t already, and still want to…) I have my BA in English but I’m fairly certain that if I ever went back to grad school it would be in anthropology. What kind of work will you want to do? Let’s hear all about it.


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